Welcome to the professional website of Dr. Edmund Medley.

I am a Geopractitioner; a Geological Engineer  with broad academic and practical background within the multi-disciplinary region lying between the domains of Geology, Soil Engineering and Rock  Engineering. (The differences between the various “geo-disciplines” of geopractitioners are described here and  here.)

As detailed in my Geopractice Experience pages, I am the proud Owner of more than 40 years of varied international experience in Geological Engineering, and Geotechnical Engineering.  I have experience in mineral exploration prospecting and geophysics; and knowledge of fluvial and coastal geomorphology/engineering.   I am professionally licensed as both an Engineer and a Geologist in the USA, United Kingdom and Canada – see my Biography for details.

I am an internationally-known expert on the characterization of  bimrocks, complex geological mixtures of hard blocks of rock embedded in weak, often soil-like matrix, such as melanges, fault rocks and weathered rocks. My bimrocks publications are freely available.

I also investigate ground failures and vulnerabilities. I provide support on litigations and insurance claims, and have testified at depositions and trials as an expert.   I am an energetic and stimulating lecturer of about 350  presentations in my career;  and I have been on-camera  TV talent for documentaries on geological and civil engineering topics.

Please contact me if you want more information about my geopractice.