2008- A younger me

Greetings!  I am Ed Medley, a Geopractitioner, specializing in Geological Engineering. (The differences between the various “geo-disciplines” of geopractitioners are described here and  here.) Most of my working life I have worked – practiced – geology, geotechnical/soil engineering and rock  engineering. See here for why I call myself a Geopractitioner.

In 1969, at age 20, I started my the random walk of a “career”  adventuring in mineral exploration  prospecting in the wilds of Canada. I never dreamed then that my life would become a jig-saw puzzle of so many experiences, challenges, ambitions, successes and failures of the GeoKind. My unusual career is summarized in the About/Vitae page of my personal website. I am now in my mid-70’s. I am on a glide path to obscurity, my working life diminished. I no longer have the push of ambition that I once had. But I am still proud and amazed at how my geopractice evolved from the clueless/careless 20-year old me to the retiring old man I am now. And I want to share some of the tales of my geopractice.

So, this site, which for over a decade has been a billboard heralding my achievements and talents, is now refurbished as a library of GeoTales ranging from my silly mistakes to proud achievements; from academic frustrations to research ahas!; from  funny to serious projects.

My personal tales of family, travel, life suceeses/failures, musings with poems and snapshots still appear on

A Franciscan Complex melange – a bimrock- in Northern California

Go to my website for information and musings on the characterization of  bimrocks, complex geological mixtures of hard blocks of rock embedded in weak, often soil-like matrix, such as melanges, fault rocks and weathered rocks.