• Investigated causes of alleged extensive erosion to ranchland due to several decades of oil well production near Santa Maria, California.  Testified for defendants at deposition and at Arbitration Hearing using public projection of stereo air photos; case found in favor of the defendant.
  • Investigated erosion and debris flow damage to public and private property at Lowden, Northern California, due to alleged effects of an extensive forest fire.
  • Principal Investigator into causes of debris flows, floods and damage to Pueblo lands in New Mexico as a result of the devastating 2011 Las Conchas wildfire.
  • Principal Investigator into the causes of the Sea Cliff Incident in San Francisco, in which a failed sewer caused extensive erosion and$30 million of  property damage;  case was later litigated and I was the lead consultant for the City  of San Francisco; case  settled  satisfactorily for the City. The story has been much televised.
  • Investigated causes of slope instability and effects of flood-related damage to operations at gravel pits on Russian River, Sonoma County; on the Tuolumne River, near Modesto, California; and on the Truckee River, at Truckee, California. Testified at deposition for in one case; settled prior to trial.
  • Investigated water intrusion into basements and possible related slab heave/damage due to rising artesian groundwater from buried irrigation wells near Santa Clara and San Jose, California.
  • Performed comprehensive multi-well pumping tests for construction of deep caisson foundations for the Canary Wharf development, Docklands, London.