• Evaluated geotechnical elements of Differing Site Conditions claim of expansive soils at Dept. of Defense facility in Hawaii.
  • Investigated Differing Site Condition claim for tie-back wall and caisson installation at deep excavation in weathered rock in Washington, DC.
  • Investigated major construction claims related to alleged unanticipated grouting of shear zones in foundation of high multi-use earth fill dam in Philippines; also investigated claims related to design deficiencies for long conveyor system used to transport fill from remote borrow pits to the dam site.  Was the sole Technical Expert to testify at Arbitration Hearing; case mutually withdrawn.
  • Provided on-site geotechnical and geological services for Terrabay, a large sub-division development on San Bruno Mountain, South San Francisco, requiring construction monitoring of 1.5 million yd3 of earthwork for roads, mass grading, and buried utilities.  Performed geological and geotechnical characterization of landslides; designed deep rockfill embankments; and reviewed construction variance requests.
  • Investigated excessive deformation of surface of a landfill in Northern California that caused injurious tip-over of truck.  Testified at deposition and trial for plaintiff.
  • Investigated failures of roadways  in Northern California that allegedly caused fatal roll-over of a concrete truck and a hydraulic excavator.
  • Performed geotechnical investigations and preliminary geotechnical design for tailings dam additions at Sullivan Mine, (Kimberley, BC); Hecla Star Mine (Wallace, Idaho); and Hecla Lucky Friday Mine (Mullins, Idaho); investigated suitable borrow sites and monitored the construction of earth fill tailings dams for Hecla Star Mine and Hecla Lucky Friday Mine.
  • Designed and observed construction of boulder fills for deep embankments at residential developments in Hawaii and South San Francisco, California.