Coastal Eng/Geology

Performed coastal engineering research for the Geological Survey of Canada: mapped the sediment distribution of the 100+  square-mile Fraser River delta and the smaller Kitimat River delta, using aerial photography shot from small planes; air photo interpretation, photogrammetry, extensive EDM surveying; ground-truthing by detailed fieldwork in marshes and tidal flats to determine the relationships between engineering structures and tidal-flat morphology.

  • Investigated severe cliff-top retreat, undermining of homes and erosion of several neighboring private properties at Esplanade Drive in Pacifica, California due to unusual El Niño-related wave conditions.
  • Performed a SCUBA-equipped underwater geological mapping and reconnaissance for proposed landfalls of high capacity submarine power lines between the islands of Hawaii and Maui.
  • Performed reconnaissance coastal erosion  studies; and performed site investigation and preliminary coastal engineering analysis for proposed shore protection in Lahaina-Honokowai  area, Maui, Hawaii.