“Ed is a fantastic on-air talent subject within his field. I’ve produced several segments in which Ed has been talent on, for the History Channel and Discovery Channel. His ability to explain subjects clearly and correctly is top-notch. I recommend him highly.” June 4, 2009; Dustin Pagliughi, Story Producer, Cheri Sundae Productions, Los Angeles, CA

“Ed Medley came to the AEG Carolinas Section to give 7 lectures, covering two states and over 600 miles within 5 days, and his enthusiasm for his topics or for meeting new people never faltered. He is a very dynamic lecturer, drawing in his audience with captivating stories and examples; teaching them, while at the same time entertaining them. His life experiences and love of learning transfers those around him, leaving everyone he encounters with a feeling that they too can work toward fulfilling their dreams.” June 18, 2009; Jennifer Bauer, Geologist I, North Carolina Geological Survey,  Ashville, NC

“It is my pleasure to provide a strongly positive recommendation for Ed Medley as a lecturer, public speaker, and/or communicator/teacher. I have known Ed as a writer, lecturer, and technical presenter since 1996, when I met him through the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists. Ed is one of those speakers whose presentations I attend based on his abilities as a speaker. Having attended approximately 20 of his lectures/presentations, I am confident that his information will be interesting, well researched, and presented in a style that entertains while it educates. One of his lectures/presentations that stands out for me is one he gave where his slides for the discussion of a forensic geological investigation were lost. Ed gave the presentation using hand-drawn overhead-projector-transparencies he had to prepare the evening before the presentation. His exhibits were elegant in their simplicity and the clear manner in which they presented the facts and conclusions of the investigation. I have also had the pleasure of serving as a peer reviewer for technical articles Ed has submitted to scholarly publications. Ed’s writing is well organized, clear, and to the point. The works I have reviewed were well researched, he clearly seperated fact from interpretation, and the interpretations were well supported by the data presented.” June 23, 2009; David Bieber, PG, PGP, CEG, CHG , Senior Geologist/Geological Services Manager, Geocon Consultants, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA

“Ed deserves the gratitude of our profession for accepting the considerable personal challenges and the financial burdens of spending a year here-and-there, delivering the Richard H. Jahns Memorial Lecture tour. Ed threw himself into this duty with his usual enthusiasm and energy and surely met our hoped-for goals at the one-hundred percent level, including his diligence toward making an impressive number of lectures. Not all Jahns Lecturers reach the hoped-for expectations of the two sponsoring Societies (AEG and GSA), but there is absolutely no question about the Medley “effect” being “on time and on target.”  June 29, 2009; Allen Hatheway, Ph.D., PE, P. Geol. , Jahns Lecturer for Year 2000; Professor of Geological Engineering,  Missouri University of Science Technology, Rolla, MO