Litigation/Insurance Support

“Ed was hired to do the failure analysis at several sites concerning the cause and origin of the collapse of a plastic chamber stormwater retention system as well as the collapse of a simplier plastic chamber system used in a large municipal leach field. Ed greatly assisted in bringing about a positive result as a consequence of his detailed analysis and presentation. In one of the cases, a part of the resolution included acquisition of the right to use Ed by the opposing party in a separate lawsuit against a third party concerning the same problem. Engineers, though brilliant, sometimes have difficult in explaining their analysis and conclusions in terms a lay person can understand. Not so with Ed. His ability to communicate and explain things simply and logically is as valuable as his excellent analytical skills and experience. I have tried to hire Ed on some other matters, but various issues unrelated to Ed have prevented that from happenning. I would, of course, hire Ed again if the opportunity arises.” June 18, 2009; Christopher Hug, Esq., Robinsomn & Cole, LLP; Hartford, CT

“On behalf of a local government agency, I hired Ed as a key member of a panel of experts to evaluate issues of causation for a landslide incident. Ed’s work was technically proficient andf substantiated and was clearly and concisely communicated.”July 18, 2009; Phil Kohn, Esq., Rutan and Tucker, Costa Mesa, CA

“I have known Ed Medley for 20 years, initially as a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley (where I was on the civil engineering faculty), then during his postdoc at Imperial College, and then, had the pleasure of working along side of him on the [Sea] Cliff Drive sinkhole in San Francisco, when he first began working for Failure Analysis. Both of our firms were engaged by the City of San Francisco to ascertain how the catastrophe came to occur. Ed did a masterful job of unraveling that problem, but an even better job of crafting the audio visual props, models, movies, etc. to explain the three-dimensional complexities of the failure sequence and the human decisions that triggered the unfortunate chain of events. Ed has a real gift for communicating geoengineering to lay audiences, such as lawayers, media agents, and the licensed drivers siitting in the jury box. He has a real flair for communicating with ordinary people and comes across a s very friendly and likable fellow. He is also a consumate networker, who is always looking to improve his presentations and widen his scope of contacts. He delights himself in conjoining people of parallel or complimentary interests, and I have benefited from many of his introductions.” June 18, 2009; J David Rogers, Professor, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla, MO

“Ed Medley proved himself to be a creative, inventive and exceptionally articulate expert when consulting for us regarding a tailings dam failure at a gold mine in New Zealand. His expertise helped us resolve a dipute where over a hundred million dollars was claimed in damages for a small fraction of that amount.” October 29, 2009; Doug Tisdale, Esq., Tisdale & Associates, LLC; Denver , CO

“Ed is a treaure. He has been my “go to” consultant for earth movement and related geotechnical and engineering issues for years. Ed is the rare engineer and geologist who can speak in plain English to explain complicated scientific matters, yet he enjoys academic recognition for his treaure trove of knowledge. He is meticulous in his approach to understanding and resolving issues. I have and would continue to highly recommend him to my colleagues and others in need of a great engineering mind to solve complex issues.” June 18, 2009; Samuel Torres, Esq., former County Counsel, Co, Santa Cruz, CA

“Ed and I met on opposite sides of a law suit. Ed being the other side’s expert witness. I found that Ed filled the shoes of expert quite well and has demonstrated his knowledge and keen judgement to me multiple times ever since.” June 22, 2009; John Walker, Risk Manager, Syar Industries, Napa, CA