“I can recommend Ed for his knowledge and technical skills as well as his ability to work under pressure in a public spotlight. He is ethical in his dealings with people and open to ideas but firm when needed to maintain a factual basis for reports and recommendations. I would not hesitate to hire him again.” June 18, 2009; Robert Cockburn; former City Engineer, City of San Francisco, hired Ed for Forensic Engineering (Geotechnical and Hydraulic) in 1995.

“I am happy to have the opportunity to strongly endorse Ed as a highly capable geo-practitioner, energetic educator and lecturer, and consummate networking professional who constantly strives to bring other high-level professionals together to form powerful responses to unique challenges in our profession. I first met Ed upon my arrival in the San Francisco Bay area in the 1980’s, and found that we shared many similar life experiences, from working in paradise to grovelling in less-than-ideal environments. Over the years, I have benefitted from our one-on-one discussions, team efforts, and as a member of the audience in many of his lectures and presentations.” June 30, 2009; Bill Cole, Principal Geologist , Geoinsite, Inc., Los Gatos, CA

“Ed is dynamic, effective, reliable, and innovative; he charms clients and co-workers alike with his infectious enthusiasm. He has excellent leadership qualities, a first class international reputation, outstanding academic credentials, and diligent attention to detail. Ed has a rare combination of qualities that ensure equal success in the diverse fields of marketing, management, and production.”  June 19, 2009; Rob Collison,  Collison Engineering

“Ed is a consumate professional who is an out-of-the-box practitioner and thinker…whose clear goal is to help clients manage risks and take advantage of opportunities. He is an expert in the disciplines of geological engineering, engineering geology and geotechnical engineering – a rare consultant’s consultant. Always a pleasure to work with, Ed brings significant experience and technical expertise and insight to many difficult projects – which has benefitted many top-tier clients.” June 18, 2009; Tony Dover, Site Geotechnical/Civil/Structural Engineer – Chevron’ Representative , Velosi America LLC/Chevron (former Principal Engineer at Geosyntec Consultants)

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Ed on several challenging geo-engineering projects, always in geologically complicated settings and sometimes under arduous field conditions. He is a consummate professional with a sterling background and outstanding client relation skills. Perhaps most importantly, Ed understands the need to go beyond the norm and incorporate modern technologies like lidar, remote sensing, and virtual mapping to help solve truly challenging problems in geological engineering and provide his clients with the best possible value. I recommend him without hesitation and look forward to working with him again in the future.” June 14, 2009; Bill Haneberg , Consulting Geologist , Haneberg Geoscience, Cincinnati, OH

“Ed is a person who observes and quickly understands the landscape and then provides you with profound insight into its engineering significance.” December 2, 2009; Paul Maconochie, Principal Geotechnical Engineer , GeoTek Solutions Pty Ltd, NSW, Australia

“Ed brings a wealth of experience, both real world and academic, to evaluation of geo-materials and what happens when one builds on top of them or cuts through them. Perhaps more importantly, he is great fun to work with, and I always look forward to our next project together.” June 30, 2009; Brian McDonald, Principal Engineer and Practice Director, Exponent, Menlo Park, CA

“I have known Ed for many, many years – we both graduated from the University of British Columbia together in 1978 as Geotechnical Engineers. For a brief period (i.e. approximately 1 year) we both worked for the same company – Dames and Moore. I left and he stayed on, he eventually set up a Dames and Moore office in Maui, Hawaii. Since then, Ed and I have “crossed paths” on several occassions. I can honestly say that I have never met a more dedicated and interesting engineer in all of my 30+ years in the business. In addition to his dedication, he is also very talented and knowledgeable. I understand Ed has recently decided to set up his own consulting business. For any who choose to engage him as a geotechnical consultant, I can assure you that you will be working with an excellent individual who will give you first rate value for your investment.” June 21, 2009; Alan Fair , Manager, Research & Development, Syncrude Canada Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

“I have always found Ed as someone with great technical knowledge and a leader in the field. I also have enjoyed our professional interactions and have utmost respect for him. I look forward to having the opportunity to work together on other challenging projects in future.” June 18, 2009; Ramin Golesorkhi , Principal , Treadwell & Rollo, San Francisco, CA

“Ed Medley is a certifiable genius (dropped out of Mensus because he found it boring!), who applies his innate curiousity and engineering talents to solve incredibly complex issues around engineering and infrastructure. He’s the only person I know of that has his own Discovery Channel segment on his brilliance and achievements in solving geological/hydrological engineering problems. AND, he is a joy to work with. I highly recommend him, and will engage him as a consultant to our practice at every appropriate time.” June 19, 2009; Don Graf,  GHD, Inc., Manager for North America Operations

“I am extremely pleased to recommend the professional services of Dr. Edmund Medley. Ed is an very competent senior-level, consulting geologist with many years of academic and practical experience. He also has extraordinary communication skills, both as a writer and as a lecturer. Specifically, he adroitly explains complex technical material to a lay audience, often in a forensic setting, and to business clients who thereby can make critical decisions about the economic viability of proposed projects. These are the marks of an exceptional, senior-level Consulting Geologist.”  June 18, 2009; Roy Shlemon, Principal , Roy J. Shlemon & Assoc. Inc., Newport Beach, CA

“Ed Medley is exceptionally talented in the areas of Engineering Geology and Engineering Management. In Engineering Geology, he is a recognized expert in rock mechanics, especially with regards to complex melange materials common in much of California. He has extensive practical experience, technical papers, and awards that testify to his leadership in this important topic. Ed also has a good deal of experience in Engineering Management. He is outstanding at all skills related to communication – writing, speaking, and listening. He has also run successful engineering offices at Exponent and Geosyntec. He recently gave his Jahn’s lecture at UCLA, which was very insightful and entertaining. Our students and faculty found it among the most informative and memorable talks of the academic year.” June 18, 2009; Jonathan Stewart, Professor, UCLA