Career History

Dr. Edmund Medley, Consulting Geological Engineer – June 2009 to present: Provide specialized services in  characterization of bimrocks; geoengineering litigation support services; insurance claim investigations; technical review of quarry investigations; and geological engineering investigations.

Terraphase Engineering Inc., Oakalnd California – October 2010 to current: Principal Consultant, specializing in litigation support of geological and geotechnical engineering failures.

Geothermic Solution LLC, Palo Alto, California 2013- current: Chief Geologist for start-up firm focused on harnessing crustal heat from deep borings.

Geosyntec Consultants, Oakland, California – June 2005 to June 2009: Senior Consultant in Geoengineering practice; firmwide ranking Geological Engineer introduced Geological Engineering approaches firm-wide; one of two senior-level litigation support consultants in the Oakland Office.

Medley GeoConsultants, Belmont, California – 2004 to 2005:  Consulting Geological Engineer; performed independent review of slope stability and hydrogeological evaluations for proposed deep expansion of major quarry in the San Andreas fault zone.

Exponent (Failure Analysis Associates), Menlo Park, California – 1995 to 2005: Senior Engineer to Principal Engineer; senior manager in the Civil Engineering Practice; co-developed firm’s Geotechnical, Geological and Geomechanical Engineering Practice; recruited 29 consultants; led projects with greater than $1m billings; major contributor to marketing efforts; projects included geotechnical evaluations and failure investigations in USA, Papau New Guinea, New Zealand, Hawaii, Guam, and Canada.

University of California at Berkeley, USA; Royal School of Mines (Imperial College, University of London),and University of Cambridge, UK – 1990 to 1994: Academic Researcher and Lecturer; specialized in research into characterization of melanges and other bimrocks; Teaching Assistant for Geotechnical Engineering anad Engineering Geology courses.

Dames & Moore (Vancouver, Canada; Honolulu, Sydney, Australia, and London, UK), Harding Lawson Assoc. (Hawaii) and PSC Associates (Hawaii, California) – 1978 to 1990: Engineer to Project Engineer;  provided Geological and Geotechnical Engineering services for mine site developments; tailings dam designs and construction; earthwork observation and construction management; coastal engineering. Pioneered the Maui, Hawaii office of Dames & Moore; supervised 70-man crew and all on-site technical/contractual issues related to the major Ok Tedi mining project (Papua New Guinea).

Geological Survey of Canada (Terrain Sciences Group) Vancouver, B.C.: Summers 1976 and 1977 – Student Researcher: researched the historical evolution of dendritic drainage arrays on the Fraser River Delta as a response to hydraulic training structures; mapepd the tidal flat sediment distributuos of the Fraser River and Kitimat River Deltas.

Scintrex (Toronto, Vancouver), Ingemar Explorations, (Timmins), UMEX/Union Miniere (Toronto), Geosearch Consultants (Toronto), TexasGulf Minerals (Vancouver), Kaiser Resources (Vancouver); McIntyre Porcupine (Vancouver): 1969 to 1975: Mineral Exploration Prospector; performed unusually broad range of prospecting duties ranging between geophysics, geochemistry, geological traverse; blasting, and  line-cutting/claim-staking  in remote regions of Canada