I have presented over 230 lectures in my career. A full listing is available at the menu sub-tabs this page. But here are some Selected Presentations

2009 Jahns Distinguished Lectures

I  was the 2009 Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering Geology The distinction was awarded by the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) and the Engineering Geology Division of the Geological Society of America (GSA). The intent of the funded Lectureship was to encourage student and professional awareness of Engineering Geology through a series of lectures presented to University students and Geology/Engineering/ Professional Groups across North America during the award year  (October 2008 to October 2009). During the award year 85 Lectures were presented at nearly separate 70 venues. Seven Lectures were offered.

Other Selected Lectures

“The Engineering Geologist as Artist”,  Annual Meeting of the Assoc. of Environmental and Engineering Geologists, South Lake Tahoe, September 2009 (with D. Green).

“Engineering the Geological Chaos of Franciscan and Other Bimrocks”, Session 12: Melanges, Mixed Materials and Chaotic Rocks; American Rock Mechanics Association Conference, San Francisco, California, July 1, 2008.

“Evaluation of Simple Claims in a Complex Melange”, Annual Meeting of Assoc. Environmental and Engineering Geologists, New Orleans, Louisiana, Sept 18, 2008 (with C.B. Snell).

“Melanges – So What? Who Cares? – A Geoengineer’s Perspective”, Paper No. 168-7; Session T168: Mélanges: Processes of Formation and Societal Significance”, 2007 GSA Denver Annual Meeting October 30, 2007.

Got Curiosity, Humility, and Honesty? – On Being an Effective Investigator of Geo-Failures”; Paper 73-1, Session No. 73: Forensic and Engineering Geology Case Studies: A Tribute to James E. Slosson; 2007 GSA Denver Annual Meeting, October 29, 2007.

“Internal Structure of the San Andreas Fault Zone at the A.R. Wilson Quarry, Aromas, California, as Inferred from 3-D Digital Outcrop Modeling; Paper 168-8; Session T168: Mélanges: Processes of Formation and Societal Significance”, 2007 GSA Denver Annual Meeting October 30, 2007 (with W. Haneberg).

“Dining With Melange: Characterization of Bimrocks in Three Easy Courses,” Dinner Meeting, ASCE San Francisco Section. Jan 19 2006.

“Observations on Chaotic Failure Surface Trajectories in Bimrocks (Block-in-Matrix Rocks),” Annual Meeting of the Ass. Eng. Geologists, Las Vegas, Nevada, Sept. 2005.

“From Moist Through Damp, Wet, Saturated, and Inundated: The Role of Water in Geo-Failures”, MCLE Credit Course for the County of Santa Cruz, September 12, 2005.